How Outdoor Playing Develops Social-Emotional and Cognitive Skills in Children?

By | 2018-12-05
Children’s minds are in a continuous process of development. It is a combination of experiencing emotions, movement experiences, interpreting senses, planning, making memories, and learning about their surroundings. Their developing minds enable them to remain aware of the world they live in and to consciously make a decision by critical thinking.  This process of observing, learning, and developing is both fascinating and complex. The commercial playground and outdoor play are significant in fulfilling the process, effectively. In this article, I am going to focus on how outdoor playing enhances the social-emotional and cognitive skills in children.

Development of Social-Emotional Skills  Children unconsciously go through several processes while playing outside such as following rules, being patient while waiting for their turns, dealing with anger and frustration, making new friends, listening to instructions, and sharing their toys. All these simple steps contribute in enhancing the social-emotional skills among children.  Children who do not play outside are found to be more sensitive and emotionally vulnerable than those who have exposure to outdoor playgrounds. The reason for this is they do not go through above-mentioned experiences. As a result, such kids aren’t as socially stable as their counterparts.  You can develop social-emotional skills in your children at your home as well. Being friendly with your kids and taking part with them in playing indoors also help in making them socially acceptable and sound. However, it isn’t as fruitful as taking them to a thrill-provoking playground. Even though playgrounds today aren’t as exciting as they used to be in the past, taking kids outside and making them play with children of their age make them strong and compatible.

Development of Cognitive Skills  Kids try a new game and fail to reach their goal in the first attempt. They try again and fail again. The process goes on and on until the time they succeed in achieving their objective. This trying and failing and trying again does wonders to their brains. You may not have realized what an important role it has played in the mental growth of your children and might also have been frustrated looking at their dirty clothes, but you have given them a precious gift. When they practice a lot, they search for opportunities and figure out the reasons for their failure. This process involves paying attention to the details, thinking, and memorizing. This, in turn, helps in developing motor and sensory skills that help kids in learning and growing better.  Cognitive skills might also be genetic; however, they are learned through real-life experiences most of the times. If your kids have developed it genetically, do not spoil them by keeping them inside all day along. They might be intelligent, but it is very likely they aren’t good at social skills. Even if there is an exception and they are blessed with both the gifts, I advise you to still take them out to play because it will enhance both of their skills. If they are kept inside, they will get glue-stick in front of their laptops, and BAMMM!!! All their skills are gone!!!

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