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First Time Volunteering Abroad

By | 2018-12-05

The Columbia drains a watershed area of about 259.000 square miles. The force of this great river meets the Pacific Ocean’s massive mix of shifting channels, violent seas and high winds making for extremely dangerous navigation. Also, despite its wide mouth, mariners, historically, were often unable to find it.About 1812 a beacon was erected on… Read More »

Eateries of Turkey

By | 2018-12-05

Eateries of Turkey – A fabulous traditionEver thought what makes Turkey so unique? It is that there is no need for you to order your entire meal at once. You have the chance to order two-three dishes and then see if you’d like to eat more.In the Turkish tradition, Turks usually prefer a rich breakfast… Read More »

10 Golden Rules That Can Turn a Novice Into a Master Traveler

By | 2018-12-05

Even savvy travelers aren’t born as masters. Few abroad travel experiences, proven rules, and standards, and the local guides help them grab the title of being a master from a novice nomad. The travel aficionado minds are born of countless tiny errors, insane mistakes, and cultural unawareness and missed buses.Nonetheless, the mightiest always leaves a… Read More »