Best Places to go on Road Trip with Indian License

By | 2018-12-05
Going on a road trip can give you such a good experience. A trip with your family or friends or alone can be such as beguiling thought. If you are wanderlust soul and find great thrill in road trips, then you should plan a trip of your life..  If this sounds great to you, then you can plan your trip now. Also, it’s important to have travel insurance for a road trip abroad. BookMyForex offers some great travel insurance plans as well as the Great Currency exchange rates and other offers for your family as well as leisure trips. Now, you can relax and go on a road tripping.

While Travelling to Abroad to different destinations there can be lots of hustle for carrying a different country currency. But BookMyForex provides you to load your Currency in form of Forex Card and even you can load different currency in multi-currency Forex Card.  1. Norway  Norway has a great culture and is known as the land of midnight sun. You can explore Norway by a road trip and capture all the wonderful things along the way. A driveway from Oslo to Bergen will give you some breathtaking views of most beautiful waterfalls and villages.  Drive along with your friends to get the experience of your life. With an Indian license, you can drive in Norway for three months. So, if you are going on a visit to Norway, do utilize your time and go on a drive that will mesmerize the wanderlust soul in you.  2. Germany  Germany is the place of thrill and exploration. Germany is famous for its romantic road that has a 400 km stretch that also covers Bavaria. Do take your partner along if you are planning for a drive in Germany. The German castle road is another famous road that can guarantee you postcard views and scenic locations.  In Germany, you can drive for six months with a valid Indian license. If you have an international driving permit, then this can also be extended. It depends on your stay and places you need to explore.  3. The United Kingdom  UK is famous for its heritage culture and great locations. If you visit UK, you can take a road trip to explore all the possible and amazing places around UK. It is easy to drive in UK, as it’s on the left side which is similar to Indian roads.  Make a plan with your family and explore some great places in and around UK. In UK, the Indian driving license has a validity of one year. So, you can have a great time according to your flexibility and plan. Choose to see some best scenic views on the road trip.  4. Mauritius  Mauritius is not only pretty but the road signs make it easier for you to go road tripping. The island is small but it’s covered with scenic locations and some wonderful postcard views. You can cover a road trip in Mauritius in one or two days. If you have an Indian license, then you can drive for about a month. You can also carry an international driving permit, if you want to extend your stay.  5. New Zealand  New Zealand is the land of scenic locations and picturesque beauty. Going on a road trip in New Zealand can give you an experience of your life. With an Indian driving license, you can drive for up to 12 months. If you have an international driving permit, you can drive anywhere in New Zealand. But, there is one condition. Only Indian drivers above the age of 21 can drive with a permit or license in New Zealand.  6. Australia

From ancient villages to kangaroos, you can find it all on a road trip in Australia. Watch the mesmerizing sunset with your loved one and there can be many more pleasant surprises on road tripping.  You can drive in great ocean road, Queensland, new south whales with an Indian valid license. But, the validity of license is three months. Plan your road trip according to your suitability to have some amazing time.  Go on a road tripping adventure the next time you visit the above places. Your Indian license can be quite helpful to capture some amazing moments for you.

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