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How Skiing Can Infuse Enthusiasm In Life

By | 2023-08-20

Life is a journey. ‘Live in the moment and enjoy the journey’ is often said. Yet, there are many who find this journey extremely burdensome, mundane and dull-to sum it all in one word- boring. This happens due to lack of diversified recreational interests. Boredom creeps in when we feel energetic but have nowhere to… Read More »

NHAI to Raise Bond Targets to Fund the Bharatmala Project

By | 2023-08-19

In October 2017, the Government of India announced an umbrella program for the highway development of the nation, called the Bharatmala Program. Focusing on enhancing the efficiency of the traffic movement on the roads by building better infrastructure, the Bharatmala Program is the second largest highway development program since the National Highways Development Project (NHDP)… Read More »

Free Or Cheap Things To Do in Atlanta

By | 2023-08-07

Some of these places are listed below: • Atlanta Beltline: Explore the Atlanta Beltline on foot or on two wheels. You can stop byany restaurant along the path to refuel and relax. With all the unique neighbourhood shops and restaurants and changing artwork, the Beltline is the best way to stay active in Atlanta. •… Read More »

My NYSC Experience. Part 1

By | 2023-08-02

It all started on a Wednesday morning. I had woken up early and got prepared for CDS ( Community Development Service). Actually, that day there was no CDS meeting; we were to go to Iticth (a community far away from my Place of Primary Assignment) for clearance. I got ready on time, stepped out in… Read More »