Need To Enjoy A New Trekking Experience? Explore These Routes

By | 2018-12-05
Do you want to enjoy a new trekking experience in Nepal? Are you searching for the best yet adventure trekking destination? Well, you can choose any one of the following trekking routes next time if you visit Nepal. These trekking destinations render you distinct experience and memories because each has its own pros and cons. Additionally, they have different unique attractions, which you can never enjoy in any other locations.  Annapurna Circuit trek  Have you dreamed of trekking on the largest mountains in the world? If yes, then you can opt for the famous Annapurna Circuit Trek. This trekking route goes beyond the nature sightseeing and helps you explore the Nepalese hospitality, culture, and diverse ethnicities. It is located within the range of Central Nepal.  Since the total length of the trek is 160-230km, it is a moderate to difficult trek. Usually, it takes 15 to 20days to complete the trek and you need to walk via several river crossings over the steel wooden suspension bridges. The highest viewpoint of this trek is Thorung La Pass, which touches the Tibetan Plateau. Do not forget to take a large water bottle, fleece blankets, and sleeping bags.  Upper Mustang trek  Do you know that Upper Mustang Trek is called as the mini-trek of Nepal? This has also been termed as the Mountain dessert. This trekking route to Lo Manthang allows you meet several locals who offer great hospitality and add fun to your trekking experience. It also allows you to go via tracts of treeless lands and barren.  The major highlight of this is visiting Buddhist monasteries. Additionally, you will enjoy the outstanding panoramic view of the Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri along with several other summits. Since the difficulty level of the is easy, anyone can visit this destination.  Ghorepani Poon Hill trek  Are you interested in taking safe and beginner level? Do you wish to experience awesome views of the Annapurna range? If so, then Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is the comfortable option for you. In general, it takes 2-5days to complete the based on the tour, which you decide to go on.  The enthralling natural beauty of Annapurna summit and energized fresh summits will surely cast an unforgettable impression on your mind. This trip also involves the cultural exchange, which renders a chance for the travelers to meet as well as great Nepalese. The trekking starts from Poon hill and ends in Pokhara, the city of the lake.

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