Day Trips From Istanbul – Best Way to Discover The Cultural And Natural Treasures of Istanbul

By | 2018-12-05
The jewel of Turkey, this the phrase used when Istanbul is in the context. And it justifies the phrase as well! Istanbul is a land of extraordinary cultural and natural treasures, a country full of historical epics, great hospitality, humble denizens and a land of contrasts and contradictions. In short, Istanbul is a classy yet one of the most humble cities of Europe. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this marvel, then plan a trip soon to this incredible city which is the crossroad of contemporary Europe and mystical Asia. Day trips from Istanbul must be included in your Turkey tour bucket list.  An Istanbul trip leaves an overwhelming and awesome effect on you as you will be experiencing a combination of a lot of things and activities while exploring the entire destination. With day trips from Istanbul you will be able to explore the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, learn about the Ottoman sultans by visiting Topkapi Palace, witness the still standing original structures and see the Hippodrome and a lot more. You will no doubt take away all the cherished moments along with you. So let us find out what all Istanbul has to offer!  Unlimited Attractions  Istanbul is a city gifted with a large number of attractions, exceptional architectures and historical breakthroughs which you cannot find anywhere else. The grand palaces, classic buildings, holy shrines, huge markets and enthralling museums make day trips from Istanbul a complete entertainment package that give you memories to remember throughout your life.  East meets West  “East meets West” this phrase is completely justified by Istanbul. As you just need to hop on a ferry and you are ready to travel from Asia to Europe and vice versa within 5 minutes! The Bosphorous water flows on the border of Asia and Europe which makes an international waterway and hence you can experience the intermingling of the Eastern and Western cultures.  Hammam – The Turkish Bath  Are you feeling tired due to jet lag or the tedious day trips from Istanbul? Want some relaxation? Then you must go for Hammam – the ancient Turkish bath which is an integral part of the Turkish hospitality since ages. In the midst of huge, antique and stunning palaces there lies a magical Turkish Hammam that helps you in beating down your tiredness just by taking a bath in it.  Religious Sacredness  This city is modern and open minded regarding various things which also includes their religious belief. Islam and Christianity are majorly followed religions there. Hagia Sophia is the most famous and valued shrine in Istanbul that has years of history and admiration behind. Besides this there is Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Basilica Cistern and Chora Church that are some of the other places with great religious values.  Cuisine  Not just the borders but also the cuisines of Istanbul meet! A traditional Turkish cuisine of Istanbul comprises of flavors from Central Asia, Caucasia, Middle East along with Central and West Europe. Iskender kebap is one of the most lovable dishes of Istanbul. Another important and integral part of Turkish cuisine is the Turkish tea. Unlike the common tea, the Turkish tea is devoid of milk and is prepared in a special kind of pot.  Land with Emotions  Istanbul people are one of the humblest people and they know how to express their emotions really well to guests, fellow citizens as well as strangers. This city teaches a lot about human virtues such as compassion, brotherhood, honor and kindness in the middle of a world where anarchism and terrorism are attaining mutual place.  A Paradise for Shopaholics  Want to go for a shopping spree? Istanbul will definitely not dishearten you in this part as well! It has one of the biggest street markets of the world, the Grand Bazaar that is a perfect place for all shopaholics from every corner of the world. You can also go for Spice Bazaar and discover a wide range of spices and dry fruit collection over there. Also, there are a lot of shopping centers and districts that will satisfy your local shopping needs for sure!  Pulsating Nightlife  If you wish witness a pulsating nightlife then Istanbul won’t disappoint you with its good number of pubs, lounges and bars. Moving out in nights in Istanbul is safe!

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