6 Reasons To Become A Homebased Travel Agent

By | 2018-12-05
The Exciting Industry OF Travel Is In Desperate Need6 Reasons To Become A Home based Travel Agent The exciting industry of travel is entering an all-time high. With the holidays quickly approaching this is not the only reason for the high demand for travel. While baby-boomers are retiring every 8 seconds for the next 18 years, investors are investing heavily into the growing industry.1.  BABY-BOOMERS ARE RETIRING AT RAPID SPEEDNow that the buildings are built and the cars have been designed,Baby-Boomers are retiring at the rate of every 8 seconds for the next 18 years and are seeking refuge on the Cruise ships and Resorts of the world.2.  INDUSTRY EXPECTING A DOUBLE IN ANNUAL REVENUES BY THE END OF THE DECADEMany travel-based industries are making provisions for the Boom that is in store for the sleeping giant. Airline corporations are currently building larger airports and airliners, while cruise ship corporations are steadily building larger and luxurious cruise ships(visit cruisenewsdaily.com)3.  INDUSTRY NO LONGER CONTROLLED BY TRAVEL AGENCIESIn the 1990’s all of the major airlines cut commissions on airfares, sending the old brick and mortar travel agencies out of business, while this had a great impact and has almost made a traditional a travel agency a thing of the past, it has also created a huge gap between the industry and the consumer, which has paved the way for the home, based travel agent because of zero to low overhead.4.  INDUSTRY PERKS AND INCENTIVES AS A TRAVEL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALThere are very many home-based travel companies but very few high in quality. The high quality companies will appreciate having you as a valuable asset to them and will roll out the red carpet in incentives such as, travel points that is matched dollar for point paid vacations to exotic destinations around the world, trip reimbursement programs, travel memberships that include the entire family, and pay on a weekly and monthly base according to sales volume. The industry itself is also waiting to thank you by way of complimentary upgrades on car rentals, hotel rooms, cruise cabins, airline seating arrangements, and more.5.  TRAVEL BOOKING ACCOUNTING FOR ALMOST 50% OF ALL ONLINE PURCHASESThe big three Expedia, Travelocity, and Cheap tickets are all having a huge impact on how travel is being booked and have made it very simple for the travel consumer. Even with the strong online auction in eBay and the ever so popular amazon.com companies, travel is still one of the most sought after purchases online showing a strong 43% of all online purchases.6.  LOW STARTUP COST AND FREEDOM OF TIMETo set up a home-based travel business takes very little time and startup capital. Most new aged home based travel companies can have you in the position to make money, with your own personal website, marketing and commission-tracking system in the same day as getting started. Being home based allows for the freedom of personal and family time without any worries that the corporate environment provides. It has been proven many times over that the travel industry can provide the lifestyle and income many are seeking for but also has the demand of discipline of a home based business owner.Good Luck,(c) Comp Edge Development.

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