Why you Should Take a Ferry Ride While in Rovinj

By | 2022-11-10

Well, Rovinj is well-known all over the world. It, therefore, raises the question, why is this city in Croazia so famous? We aim to help you understand why the city is so famous and why thousands of tourists tend to prefer visiting this city. We hope this will be a motivation for you to consider visiting Rovinj. To understand more, keep reading to know what you are missing.

Rovinj is one of the preferred tourist destinations in Croazia. It is one of the most pictured coastal towns you will ever encounter. You may be wondering why it is because of its magnificent centrally located peninsula free from cars, making this city one of the best tourist destinations you can ever imagine. Therefore the primary means of transport you can enjoy around this beautiful city is probably by ferry. Your stay in Rovinj can never be complete without enjoying some ferry ride, and here is why.

  • Restful Viewing

Most tourists prefer taking their rides on the ferry from Venice to Rovinj; this is where they get to see the beautiful view of Rovinj and take some fantastic pictures, which we see all over the internet. The view is fascinating, and no one would not like to keep their best memory which is a lifetime experience. In most cases, you can be privileged to witness and bask in the fantastic sunset.

  • It is Affordable

Taking the ride is pocket friendly and worth the experience. The companies offering the services ensure that the prices are standard and the tourists receive the best services they have to offer. It is also made possible by their stiff competition, that is, to attract more tourists to experience their services. Both the company and the tourist end up benefiting from their interaction.

  • Reduces Pollution

Another benefit of using the ferries in Rovinj is reducing pollution. It is an advantage from an environmental perspective. You can be sure of a safe environment free from diseases. Ferries minimize pollution by cutting down exhume fumes emitted by motor vehicles. It was possible when the ferry cut the usage of several motor vehicles that would otherwise cause pollution. Therefore your travel is safe and relaxed, even for a short period.

  • Dolphin-watching and Drinks

Dolphin watching is among the best moments you can experience while on board. The crew contains an experienced staff and captains who understand dolphins’ movements. You can watch the fantastic creatures swim with your choice glass of wine. It is a unique experience as you get to understand and experience nature. It is a fascinating life experience you ought not to miss and worth every penny.

  • The Hospitality

One of the vital things to consider before deciding on your travel destination is the hospitality of the people around you. The people are hospitable and very welcoming; this will help you explore every bit of it and get a complete experience. The services offered are also high quality and reasonable, worth every penny.


A visit to Rovinj is never complete without taking a ferry ride. It is everyone’s dream to experience what life has to offer. Therefore, to get the experience, visit Rovinj today for an experience that is only once in a lifetime.

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