Is Egypt a safe country to travel to?

By | 2020-08-20

If you ever share your idea that you want to travel to Egypt, their prompt reaction will refer to your security and safety. They might advise you that you should consider other countries, rather than spend money on this unsafe trip.

Why do people think that Egypt is unsafe?

If we look back to Egyptian history, some of the recent history pages will tell us why people are so afraid to travel to Egypt. It was the Arab spring of the year 2011 that changed the people’s perception of Egypt, specifically along with the other Arab countries.

Even after the Arab spring, several other issues lead to a severe image of Egypt as a travel destination. People refrained from traveling to Egypt until the year 2018.

Is it safe now?

Now it is the year 2020, with a lot of advancement. Everything is digitalized. Connectivity is a lot faster than it was five years ago.

The truth is Egypt is a safe country for tourists, there are several reasons for this, and the topmost is the significance of tourism in the growing economy of Egypt. A native Egyptian knows how much we tourists matter to them and their budget.

Tourists and tourist spots are always surrounded by security personnel; you will not feel lost when in Egypt.  At every few steps, there are security staff members to help you with your queries.

The local people in Egypt

The local people in Egypt are amiable, and they are proud of what the universe has given them; the pyramids and their culture are worth experiencing, and they know its value.

The environment

Egypt is a versatile country. You cannot classify its environment in a single shade. In cities like Luxor and Cairo, it is more vibrant and crowded. On the other hand, when we move towards the village and peripheral areas, it is calm and pleasant.

When to visit Egypt?

If you are concerned about your safety, then winters are the best time to travel to Egypt. In winters, Egypt is overcrowded, and all the security forces are on high alert. However, if you wish to enjoy a quiet and calm environment, then traveling to Egypt in summers is also safe, you need to be more careful.

What can annoy you in Egypt?

  • The strict security personals can annoy you a lot, but being a responsible traveler, you should always have that wit to excuse them.
  • Not only the security personnel but also the vendors are a potential source of annoyance. They are indeed some great sellers, and they will try to engage you by asking random questions. For some tourists, it is fun, and they love to interact, but for your safety, do not share any unnecessary information with those vendors.
  • Another annoying scam in Egypt is the one-dollar scam. The Egyptian currency is quite low than the international currencies and dollar. Thus, people over there are trying to trap the tourists in the one-dollar trap.

Egypt is a strange and fantastic place to visit. It is undoubtedly an inspiring place, where you get to feel the old civilizations at their best. It is always safe to travel to Egypt if you have contacted the right travel agency to Egypt, and your common sense is right on point.

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