Cheap Holidays to Barcelona – A Memorable Trip

By | 2018-12-05
Barcelona is full of artistic wonders. The city had been refurbished by the grandeur artistic works of Anton Gaudi. On this Cheap Holidays to Barcelona, explore Anton Gaudi’s awe-inspiring architectural wonders. This is indeed, one of the unique cities in the entire world, which possess the majestic architecture of Anton Gaudi and the creative art of Picasso. Visit various places on holidays in Barcelona. The places are embedded in history and culture, and also some remarkable heritage sites listed under UNESCO. Heritage wonder on holidays in Barcelona Discover the glorious legacy of Barcelona which was initially a Roman city, later came under the control of Visigoths and then the Arab conquests by the Umayyad’s. Finally, it was re-conquered by the Spanish Monarchy. On this Barcelona holidays, explore various heritage sites which are now part of the UNESCO.  Park Guell is an amazing architectural wonder of Anton Gaudi; listed under UNESCO. Check out the glorious architecture and its organic shapes, moreover, the structure is very much geometric, which makes it quite fascinating.  Sagrada Familia is a brainchild of Anton Gaudi; in fact, it’s the postcard of Spain tourism. The glorious architecture is a major attraction of tourist’s worldwide, despite the fact that it remained an unfinished work of Gaudi. The remarkable Neo-Gothic style also has an element of religion.  Hospital de Sant Pau is a remarkable achievement in the field of science and healthcare. A rich banker San Pau builds the hospital. It was functioning until 2009; right now the place is under restoration.  The grandeur and splendor of Palau de la Musica Catalana, makes it a must visit. The place is certainly the most sought after destination in Europe. The experience would be remarkable to sit under the Stained-glass skylight surrounded by mystical sculptures. Enjoy the aesthetic wonder which is the embodiment of Spanish and Arab architecture. Glorious Museums and Artifacts on cheap holidays in Barcelona The museums around the city are amazing. On this cheap, all inclusive holidays to Barcelona, explore the wonderful museums and find out the glorious heritage. The museums are rather diverse and holistic. If you are an art lover or even an amateur artist, then visit various museums around Barcelona.  To begin with, the National Museum of Art of Catalonia is full of Gothic Romanesque art. But Picasso museum stands apart, with an enormous collection of 4251 from the legendary artist. If you are searching for an entire history of Spain in one visit then Barcelona City History Museum, is the right place to be. It’s indeed one place where history buffs and artists can come together and admire the wonderful collection. The city history museum is a glorious collection of artifacts that begins from Roman to the present times. Beaches on Barcelona Holidays Beaches are an integral part of any Spain Holidays. The coast around Spain is just mesmerizing. The 4.5 KM of coastline has some scintillating beaches with clear blue water. The famous beaches around the coast are Sant Sebastia, Barceloneta and Somorrostro beaches. There is in fact, plenty of tourists and bustling crown around the coastline. Football and Camp Nou Besides beaches, the beautiful game of football is also an integral part of this city. The stadium is humungous and it can accommodate 99,000 people. The home ground of FC Barcelona is certainly larger than life. Legendary players like Maradona have represented this club. Visit and admire the grandeur of this ground. Cuisine Authentic Spanish cuisine is worth a try. Paella is one mouth-watering cuisine which was originated in Valencia. However, the fish was replaced by meat when it reached Spain. Bombas is another dish to try, which resembles a bomb, its full-size potato served with either white garlic or red spicy. There is a symbolic twist to it, wherein during the Spanish civil war when the Anarchist and revolutionaries were fighting the fascist rule of General Franco. They would use bomb similar to Bombas. Try other cuisine like Esqueixada, Pa Amb Tomaquet, Escalivada on this holidays in Barcelona.

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