Boston to Hong Kong- fly non-stop

By | 2020-03-16

It is nothing to deny that Hong Kong is a bustling city. With an unmatched international atmosphere, huge economy, and fantastic culture, Hong Kong is on the top of the priority list of many tourists and travelers. With the very small geography, Hong Kong is undoubtedly an economic powerhouse too. Massive inflow and outflow of business travelers, Hong Kong, has become extremely accessible.

Today Hong Kong is one of the World’s leading financial hubs, and that is why it enjoys a vast mix of airlines. From Boston to Hong Kong, there are many airlines and routes you can take, but Cathay Pacific is an enigma. Cathay Pacific flies some of the best products in the sky with very affordable charges and second to none quality services. The main advantage of choosing a Cathay Pacific is that you can utilize their incredibly powerful routing rules. You can click here to check the flights for Hong Kong from Boston.

Cathay Pacific provides top-class air travel facilities to its customers, and it is amazingly beautiful to travel with Cathay Pacific on long haul flights like Boston to Hong Kong. A non-stop flight from Logon International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport takes about 16 hours and 15 minutes. For this much more extended time, you actually need a super easy air service, and Cathay Pacific is the best for it. Due to its super comfortable seats and cabins, pre-departure beverages to full-course meals, super professional and friendly services, amenities. Cathay Pacific is known around the World for the luxurious first-class experience it offers.

Don’t skip the trip with Cathay Pacific and return to the destinations and people you miss most. Visit Hong Kong and enjoy the best vacations you ever dreamed of. Here are some top reasons to visit Hong Kong:

  • Visit Hong Kong Disneyland as it is a big party to have fun, especially perfect for a family happy time. Here you enter into a dream-like world and meet with beautiful characters of fairytales.
  • In Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak is the highest, and on the peak, you could see the whole Hong Kong, witness the natural beauty of Hong Kong. Climbing and riding the Tram is also a memorable time you spend there.
  • Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the best theme parks in the World. It has numerous marine animals in the aquarium. Enjoy thrilling roll coaster, and dolphin performance are highlights of this park.
  • Hong Kong is undoubtedly a shopping paradise because of its plenty of shopping malls, newest products, and above all, it is tax-free. You can buy cosmetics, clothing, and electronics as primary shopping goods.
  • Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Giant Buddha in Lantau Island, and Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon are the temples where you can explore Buddhist culture.
  • Hong Kong food is so famous in visitors and tourists due to its delicious flavor and exquisite shapes. Dim sum, especially egg tart, and traditional food is a must. Hong Kong Morning Tea is like Guangdong Morning Tea, which is a big feast to diners.

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