Best Places To Visit In Middle East

By | 2018-12-05
The Middle East is all known for luxury, rich culture, traditions, gold, and shopping but have you ever visited any other place than Dubai? Well, if not then here is the list that you can consider when planning to visit the Middle East. Some of them must be visited by you but we bet other places, you haven’t even thought of visiting. Check them out:  Dubai, UAE  From Palm Island to Burj Khalifa, Dubai is known as the luxury travel destination. Go and visit Arab Opulence at the popular Dubai Mall which is more than just a mall. Not only shopping but here you can also experience ice skating, VR park, massive aquarium and a flight simulator. So don’t wait and book your Dubai holiday package now to enjoy all these attractions.  Abu Dhabi, UAE  Abu Dubai is a place which has always been gained the love from all over the world. This city offers fasted rollercoaster ride, the largest hand-knitted carpet and the highest restaurant in the world. By visiting the museums and religious buildings, you will be able to know more about the rich culture it offers.  Petra, Jordan  Petra is a place to behold, as its archaeological sites offer the great view. Enjoy the Arabian adventure here on a camel ride and stop for clicking pictures, enjoying the desert landscape and take a tour to know more about the ancient culture of Jordon.  Jerusalem, Israel  This place has a Dome of the Rock which is considered as the holiest places of the faith of Islam. Visitors who are non-muslims are recommended to take a note and follow the visiting hours as well as the dress code which you should adhere. For Christian travelers, Jerusalem is known as a pilgrimage spot. From the Jesus tomb and Tower of David to Calvary, you can trace some of the highlights in the Bible in Jerusalem.  Istanbul, Turkey  In Istanbul, you are going to get so much to enjoy your vacation. It’s a very interesting place to visit. But if you are visiting this place just to know the history and culture then you should go for historical buildings and attractions related to it which is within the walking distance to one another. Attractions like the Topkapi Sarayi, Hagia Sophia, and The Grand Bazaar will be seen in Old Istanbul.  Beirut, Lebanon  You will forget the most famous cosmopolitan cities when you will see Beirut nightlife and fascinating culture. It gives high competition to other cities. Sometimes it’s better to avoid visiting the same places again and again and walk with the locals to experience something new. Museums, beaches, and Martyr’s Square are what you get here to enjoy your trip. So explore more and end your day by dancing at the club downtown.  Muscat, Oman  Situated in the Gulf Of Oman Muscat is the Capital of Oman. With Mountain Terrains and dazzling beaches, Muscat will surely be going to give you the unforgettable experience. Watch the dolphins somersault at Sundown through the air in Muscat. We bet this will be the unforgettable experience for you.  So here are the places you must visit in the Middle East and collect memories to cherish forever. Now you must be thinking from where to book your Cheap Vacation packages, well we would recommend you to contact JourneyCook as here you are going to get the best tour and travel deals.

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