How to Plan my One Day Trip to Agra

By | 2018-12-05
The most recommendable way to make your visit to the city of Love is to opt the services of Agra tour by Car. This city dotted with the finest of Mughal Architecture is easily accessible from the capital city of India, which is also considered as the gateway to major tourist destinations of this enticing nation [live your desire with the Taj Mahal Tour Packages]. All you have to do is to enjoy a ride that will hardly take a couple of hours from your entire day. Opt an early morning ride from the capital city of India [Delhi] – if you want to avoid the busy movement and activity then prefer travelling to this magical city via private car [be up with pre-booked services]. And if you feel like saving some expenses from the travelling cost then you can accept another mode of travelling [Train].  There are two most comforting trains that will charge you normally and even save some travelling time. The most preferred train is GATIMAN EXPRESS that runs only to fulfil one purpose [the reason behind its existence is to assist the visitor’s tour from Delhi to the magical city addressed as Agra [housing wondrous places of importance]. One can avail the services of this train any day of the week except for Fridays because that’s the only day of the week when the doors of Taj Mahal is closed for the visitors. For a day you will have to live like an early bird – the train leaves the railway station of Hazrat Nizamuddin at 08.10 am and reaches the Railway station of Agra at 09.50 am [travelling time – 01 hours 40 minutes]. The travelling charge is 770 Rs per person [chair car] – without a second thought – onboard this comfort-driven train.  And the other train is Bhopal Shatabdi – leaves the Railway station of NDLS at 06.00 am and reaches the Railway station of Agra at 7.57 [travelling time – 01 hours 57 minutes and the travelling cost is 525 Rs per person]; this train is up with services throughout any day of the week.  Once you enter the vicinity of Agra then no force can stop you from living your dream [if you are travelling with the pre-booked services then onboard the private car or else you can also explore the wondrous destinations of Agra via Battery Rickshaw [it won’t cost you much]. To begin with – make your way to the dreamland [the great symbol of love – Taj Maha]. Later in the day explore the charm of Agra Fort and the last destinations of adventure will be the Tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daulah. After making the most of this magical trip ride back from the same train you came in.

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