Create The Ultimate Cold Weather Holiday Checklist

By | 2018-12-05
Experts often say that we enjoy the anticipation of going on holiday more than the trip itself, so why not make the most of the exciting build-up by writing a holiday checklist for your next winter getaway? Whether you plan on skiing, hiking or exploring the delights of a new city, winter holidays are the perfect remedy to the January and February blues. They often require more luggage than summer ones, though, so plan well ahead by writing a detailed list.  Don’t Leave Home Without the Essentials

If you’re not a regular holiday checklist maker, I’d recommend at least methodically checking off the essentials. Make sure you have:  Your passport your visa (if required) travel tickets (as required) accommodation details contact details travel insurance (protecting yourself and your belongings is essential when travelling)  Though it may seem like common sense to bring these things, a list will appease that nagging feeling that you’ve left something important behind.  Send the Cold Packing  I hope you’ve got a large suitcase because winter getaways require a lot of gear. Make sure you have all these items on your holiday checklist so you can keep out the cold.  Pack Lots of Layers  Nothing spoils a holiday more than being uncomfortable, wet and cold. To fight the wintery weather, you’ll first want to include a few base layer tops and thermal tights. Then you’ll need t-shirts and jumpers, as well as warm trousers, like jeans or corduroys, that fit over your base layers. Obviously, you’ll need a coat. I’d recommend something fleecy and waterproof.  Keep Your Toes Warm  Winter boots are another essential. Thick and durable leather shoes should keep your feet cosy. If it’s snowing, however, you may prefer to opt for a hiking boot with a better grip. In milder weather, sport shoes are a potential alternative. They are lighter and less bulky to pack, though you won’t get the same warmth.

Bring Winter-Appropriate Accessories  It goes without saying, but a scarf, hat and gloves are all a must. You may also need sunglasses as the reflection of the sun on the snow can be quite blinding.  Don’t Forget Your Toiletries  Depending on what accommodation you’ve booked, you may or may not require the basic hygiene products like soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste. However, few places provide you with two winter essentials, sunscreen and lip balm. As the sunrays are reflected off the snow, it’s easy to get sunburnt. Make sure you have an SPF 15+ in your luggage to protect your skin. A lip balm will also help mend sunburnt lips, as well as keep them from getting dry, itchy or cracked.  Hopefully I’ve helped you get the ball rolling and you’ve now started to think about what you want to include on your next winter holiday checklist. Even if you plan your holiday spontaneously, a list will save you from last-minute panics that have you unpacking your whole bag to check you did actually include that all-important bobble hat.

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