Dog Care Tips To Ensure a Perfect Day at the Beach

By | 2022-05-02

If you have a dog or dogs, it is only natural to want to make summer as enjoyable for them as it is for you. Going to the beach is a must when the days get warmer, and having your dog along for the ride will make it all the more memorable. Here are some helpful tips on preparing well to make this the perfect day for your canine sidekick.  

Choose a Pet-Friendly Beach

Not all beaches allow pets, so ensure that you do your research to avoid disappointment and conflict with other beach-goers. Also, check on whether you will be required to keep your dog on a leash or not. Knowing this will impact what kind of activities you can enjoy, so choose a location that works best for your plans. 

You may want to take along an extra-long leash, although there may be areas where your dog can be leash-free. Having a longer leash can help give your dog room to roam around but restrict their movement enough away from other animals and easily frightened kids and adults. And be sure to keep a close eye on your pet to avoid unpleasant incidents. 

Pack the essentials

Stock up your beach cart with everything you will need for a fun day out with your dog. You should include water, food, leash, dog sunscreen, towels, and toys. Also, ensure you have a big beach umbrella to accommodate you and your pet or carry a second one just for your dog. Pets can also overheat from the sun exposure and running around. 

Providing a shaded area they can retreat to will help keep them cool and make for a good napping spot when tuckered out. This will also give a good opportunity for you to offer your dog water and food. Since you will be away from home for a while, you will also need poop bags. 

Teach swimming

Unless you have already seen your dog swim before, you may need to be prepared to provide some swimming lessons. Most dogs love the water and will be thrilled to discover the surf. However, not all are natural-born swimmers and may need help learning what to do. 

Be patient and gradually acclimatize your pet to sea waters. Avoid going in if the waters are choppy. Do not push him into it if he is hesitant. Also, consider getting him a dog life vest as a safety measure. If your dog dashes into the water before you catch him, you are assured he will not drown. 

Give a wash

Dogs collect a lot of sand, salt, and other germs in their coats when they have had a fun day at the beach. This can dirty your car and home, besides also causing your pet skin irritation. Where possible, go to a beach that provides shower areas even for pets. Carry some pet shampoo and give your dog a good wash before you depart. Even a quick rinse can help eliminate most of the dirt and reduce odors. 


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