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By | 2018-12-05
Interbourse is week of fun involving the international financial community which consists of traders, portfolio managers, analysts, private equity professionals and many more where they engage in activities such as skiing and networking. These professionals from all over the world, who are gathered for the interbourse get to participate in a unique experience. Interbourse, which is now held annually started in 1969, in France, with it being organized by3 European exchange events. After that, Interbourse has gone throughout the world, holding each one in a different country and being organized by different people.  Starting in 1969, Interbourse have come a long way. In 2017, Interbourse will be held for the 49th time, and Livigno has been selected as the place for it to be hosted in. The Canadian and Luxenberg teams being the hosts of the Interbourse 2017 have chosen Livigno, Italy due to its recognition in the skiing community. Having many of the top resorts in Italy, which are great for all groups and corporate, Livigno also boasts on having the best ski resorts in Italy. Being held from the 21st of January to the 28th of January, Interbourse will have events such as apres skiing and ski racing in world class ski areas.  The program of the Interbourse 2017 will start off by a discovery day, where the guests will be shown around the skiing areas and other interesting parts by professional guides. The guests will have the opportunity to learn about the history of those places through the guides. Then, during the night of the same day, there will be a welcome event, where all the participants in the Interbourse will be introduced. They will have the opportunity to know about the other people in financial community and will be able to forge connections with each other. Celebrations will also be done, to signify the start of the great week which will further strengthen the new relationships forged. The main highlights during the week will be the 2 racing days, these races ware held with the aim of determining the fastest skiers, the ability of these skiers will be put to the test, and their performance will be noted.  The one’s who were unable to qualify for the racing events which are held during those 2 days, which is the official team race will also be given the opportunity to engage in other races. These races will come under the guest races, and they will be divided according to categories such as gender and age. Within the days left between those 2 racing days, the guests will be kept entertained in parties which are DJ fuelled and other events. The transition from each day will be done smoothly and effortlessly, without ever making the guests bored.  Finally, the week will end with a gala night, where everyone who participated in the Interbourse will meet for a final time.  Interbourse is about making new connections in the financial community and having fun while doing it. The ski events and all the entertainment will make sure that it is so.

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