Interbourse! It’s Not Just Skiing

By | 2018-12-05
Once a place where shepherds used to roam is now a thriving place for tourists and enthusiasts alike. Livingo is a place where most have heard of due to its surrounding Alps and activities that attract visitors from across the globe. Being on the far north of Italy and a small part of Lombardy, living shares it’sAlps with another beautiful country as Switzerland. This town holds some famous sceneries and activities that keeps everyone who visits occupied at all times. Natural beauty is the key ingredient in what makes this place a very unique place. The breath taking views of the mountain chain like ValChiavenna, Valtellina and the Camonica Valleys are something that only cannot be described but only felt. The beauty of these regions are inspired due to the snowy hill tops and cold weather make it the ideal location for a great vacation.  The mostly treeless and mountains that are always covered by cloud and snow gives the impression this is a whole new world. With its own taxes and customs regulations it makes it a different experience when compared with the country itself. The reason is the upper Spol Valley in where Livigno is situated has a duty-free status and great shopping making it ideal for those who love to shop. The geographical position, nature and history filled with culture makes it a place that could fulfill the thrill within you. Be a regular tourist who like to shop or a ski enthusiast, living will keep you covered.

Surrounding yourself with flora and fauna is something that most of us seek since the busy and noisy streets is where we try escape from. Since Mother Nature makes us feel one with earth and gives us that calm only she can give us. What better way is to feel at home and also witness it? Well the answer lies in the hotels in Livigno, Italy. These hotels makes you feel at home with a sense of luxury that you deserve. Likewise they are unique due to its countless natural beauty that blankets the town of Livignomaking it the perfect backdrop for your vacation filled with excitement. These resorts boasts a lot of perks that could easily attract anyone who comes across them.  But there’s a lot more to do once you are in a hotel. The activities provided by resorts attracts enthusiasts from across the globe. The best example is the internationally recognized skiing locations that make it a hot spot for adventure seekers. Countless skiers compete or try to conquer the terrain Livignohas to offer like the Camonica valley and Valtellina. If you are a beginner or professional in snowboarding or skiing you have nothing to worry. The services provided by these hotels are for everyone and all terrain are specifically made to suit your style. During the summer these thrills don’t die away rather transforms into exciting activities. Mountain biking and trekking are some of them. Nevertheless even if you still want to ice by your feet, the Stelvio Glacier has got you covered.  Next up is what’s within the hotels in Livigno, Italy. The entire town of livingo consists of mainly hotels and apartments that stretch upto 4km. Since they have a duty free policy its eye candy for those of you who like shopping. From ski products to beauty to technology this town will make you feel a lot better. Peace and tranquility are what most seek. The hotels in livingo, Italy gives out a rich selections of herbal and therapeutic spas to keep you relaxed.  Be an ordinary tourist, an adventure seeker, an enthusiast the hotels in Livigno, Italy is something that’s worth the visit

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