Back to Basics With a Kids’ Day Out in Devon

By | 2018-12-05
It’s time to put away the tech, forget about the rainy weather and get the children outside exploring everything there is to offer with some amazing kids’ days out in Devon.  For the current generation of young people, the technological resources available are vast. Although this technology can be useful and even an integral part of modern day life, the vast array of activities in Devon are much more enticing.

The affordability and accessibility of technology has meant that children are not exempt from the offerings of the digital age. Now, young children gripped to their telephones, music players, laptops or tablets is a common sight.  A recent survey in The Guardian revealed that 74 per cent of children spent less than 60 minutes playing outside each day and that children spent twice as long playing on screens as playing outside. In another study, in the Daily Telegraph it was revealed that a third of children had never climbed a tree.  With these statistics in mind, it is feasible to argue the decline in outdoor play and a rise in children adopting devices as a means of enjoyment. Of course these devices come paired with many benefits, providing the opportunity to socialise across the globe, educate on an interactive level, entertain and develop digital skills – a necessity for the modern world. In spite of this, the adventures to be had in the great outdoors should not be forgotten amidst the technological advances.  Ben Jordan, owner of a local outdoor adventure park, explains his view that ‘adults and kids alike can enjoy the family days out that Devon has to offer’, he adds that ‘a day out in Devon with the family can create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime’.  Ben’s view highlights a valuable point – a day out in Devon is a day to be remembered by all. As adults, children will be able to reminisce on their time spent in the Devon outdoors fondly, looking back on hours of fun, playing, laughing and exploring the scenic landscapes at hand.  This certainly would not be the case for lengthy days inside, glued to a range of screens, which can become rather anonymous and easily forgotten.  As well as this, a day out in Devon provides a chance for children and adults to get out in the open and exercise. Vast stretches of beach, moors and fields can be the perfect environment for families to burn off some energy whilst enjoying themselves – an opportunity found less frequently with days indoors surrounded by gadgets.  Adventure trails and obstacle courses provide the perfect opportunities for children and their families to run, jump and play together, support each other as they tackle the challenging obstacles, and laugh together when then land in the mud!  During all of this fun, children may find themselves socialising with new friends. It is arguable that this face to face, outdoors interaction remains second to none, even with the chances to socialise that technology brings.

Devon offers a variety of things to do that goes beyond its beautiful beaches and moors. For example, children can get muddy on adventure trails, meet tigers at the zoo or explore historic ruins that time has forgotten.  Never underestimate the value of good old fashioned outdoor play whereby children can run, play, explore, imagine, form new friendships and make lifelong memories. The weather maybe changeable, but the variety of attractions on offer means there is always something to be enjoyed, whether you’re on holiday or living in the south west. Indeed, if you are lucky enough to live in Devon all year round, then take a look at some of the brilliant attractions right on your doorstep.  And what better location to enjoy the outdoors than Devon, with its outstanding surroundings, plentiful activities and famous fresh Devonshire air! So here is the suggestion. Let’s go back to basics, let’s replace tablet time with play time and let’s explore some kids days out in Devon.

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