What Will I See on a European River Cruise in 2022?

By | 2022-01-18

A European River cruise is a great way to explore the continent because it showcases the countries and cities in all their splendour. Tourists get to see the ancient remains of buildings, the famous attractions sites, the rich culture of the locals, the breath-taking landscapes and the delicious cuisines of the countries and cities among many other things. Whether you have been on a voyage multiple times or not, every journey is unique and will unearth new experiences. You are guaranteed an unforgettable trip.

Sites you will encounter on the voyage include;

The Wachau Valley

This Australian region is best known for its breath-taking vineyards, rolling hills and fortresses. It also has some urban designs like towns and villages. The locals also take part in agricultural activities such as cultivating apricots and vines. Wine lovers can enjoy the delicious apricot wine while sightseeing the beautiful scenery.

Melk Abbey

The Melk Abbey was founded back in 1089. It burned down after a fire outbreak and was rebuilt in 1702. This sacred place was built by Jakob and Joseph. The building has rows of 47 windows facing the river and you can enjoy the views of the building from the comfort of your cabin while sailing along the pristine Danube.

Iron Gates

While sailing along the Danube, you will come across an imposing rock sculpture. The sculpture is of the last king of Dacia, known as Decebalus. The sculpture was completed back in 2004 and was created to recognize Decebalus for his contribution towards preserving the independence of his country. It also symbolises historical Romania as an important cradle of Civilization.

Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament building is the largest building in the whole country. It is very magnificent and easily one of the most beautiful buildings in the continent. It is very breath-taking during the day, but the view at night is unforgettable. At night, the building is illuminated and glistens in the dark. The building has baroque features like a central dome.


Amsterdam is Holland’s capital city. It has captivating canals. Gardens and museums. The best way of exploring the city is through bicycles. When you are in this famous city, you should visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum and delve into the famous painter’s life through his works of art. Also visit Vondelpark and Heineken Brewery. There are many other attraction sites in Amsterdam that you can visit and have the experience of a lifetime.

Ben Nevis

This mountain in the British Isles stands at 1,345 metres tall and has beautiful grassy slopes ranging from dark green to amber. The tall mountain stands tall and majestic, when viewed from the waters below.

The continent has so many tourist attraction sites. You can explore Amsterdam city, the Wachau Valley, Melk Abbey, Iron Gates, The Hungarian Parliament and Ben Nevis among others. If you need to see multiple countries, cultures, cuisines and tourist attraction sites, you should book a cruise in Europe as soon as possible and enjoy the spectacular sights available to you.

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