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West Covina provides a variety of places to take residents and guests for entertainment, from large outdoor parks to sports complexes, from historical sites to golf courses. Located in the center of Greater Los Angeles’s suburbs, West Covina had been relatively unknown for a while. Still, thanks to its close closeness to the city, it has been gradually gaining a sizable population.

Here are some fun activities to do during your stay in West Covina.

Shop at the magnificent plaza west Covina

If you want a place to satisfy all your shopping and entertainment needs, the magnificent plaza in West Covina is the place to be. Although the plaza has seen turbulent times in the past, including fears of degradation and demolition, the entire facility has more foot traffic now after the renovations.

It is a spectacular shopping area that features more than 185 stores continuously. The biggest fashion labels, chain restaurants, neighborhood eateries, specialty shops, and various entertainment options are all present. Here, you can choose from multiple pleasing selections no matter what you or your family favor.

Take a stroll at Galster wilderness park.

The Galster wilderness park is perfect for folks looking to escape the cacophony of the city. It is a fantastic area to get in touch with nature because it is situated on the San Jose Hills’ slopes. You are welcome to stroll the pathways, admire the local trees, and take in the clearing’s views. If you smoke pot, you can dial a weed delivery West Covina while at it. Don’t overlook the modest museum-turned-nature center in Galster Wilderness Park.

Visit Hurst ranch historical center.

The Hurst Ranch Historical Center is one of the few areas where the agricultural heritage of the San Gabriel Valley, which once had a flourishing agricultural industry, is still evident. The original Hurst Ranch is now only a three-acre plot of land in the middle of West Covina.

Its rustic beauty is typically reserved for celebrations, which is why most people identify it with weddings and other special occasions. However, the proprietors continue to grow and harvest each year, preserving their farming history. They also keep up the historic core, which consists of several modest buildings from the turn of the 20th century.

Visit Taylor’s house at heritage park.

Taylor House, built in 1912, is another example of a structure from a period before West Covina was founded. Its architectural design is representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement, which flourished during the industrial era. Back then, the house was distinctive because it favored straight horizontal lines over the more elaborate Victorian homes.

In contrast to the more modern suburban homes, it is still that way now. The community worked together to repair it in 2005, and the painting, furnishings, and furniture were all produced with the greatest attention to historical accuracy. The house and park gained appeal thanks to the renovation of the adjoining gardens.


West Covina significantly gained national attention due to the popular television program Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. As a result, many fans and casual viewers now stop by to see where the show is being shot.

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