My NYSC Experience. Part 1

By | 2023-08-02

It all started on a Wednesday morning. I had woken up early and got prepared for CDS ( Community Development Service). Actually, that day there was no CDS meeting; we were to go to Iticth (a community far away from my Place of Primary Assignment) for clearance.

I got ready on time, stepped out in my NYSC outfit that I was so proud of. The idea that morning (as usual) was to stand by the road side with the hope of getting a lift for my friend Ben ( not real name) and I.

I did not spend up to a minute by the road when this black Camry (‘Big for nothing’ as its generally called) pulled over. The driver offered to give me a lift; of course that’s what I was looking out for. So I jumped at the offer. But, I didn’t forget to tell him that Ben would be coming along if he (the driver) didn’t mind. He shrugged and said “no problem”.

Ben, who was just coming out of our flat, was surprised I had already nailed a lift, in a car for that matter (we served in a typical village in Enugu state where cars were hard to come by).

So, we entered the car with thanksgiving to the driver and to God. At least we just saved another part of our ‘allawee’ (monthly allowance).

The drive to Iticth was uneventful, but we got to know the driver/owner of the car and two other men that were in the car. He introduced himself as Architect Rogers (not real name) from Kogi state, based in Lagos but he is temporarily in a nearby community for a building construction.

Ben and I introduced ourselves and ended it with the conventional “its my pleasure to meet you”.

It seemed that the fact I told him I’m from Akwa Ibom state tickled and triggered him to ask for my number; when he dropped us at Iticth before heading to Nsukka. I obliged. At least that will serve as a gratitude offering from us to him. So, off he went with a smile.

He called the next day, requesting to sit out with me. I granted the request and Ben came along.

‘Uncomfortable’ was his name that evening because Ben shared the table with us and that didn’t give him the chance to say what was obviously on his mind.

Eventually, he had his chance after the drinks and meat and was ready to go. On seeing him off to his car, he requested I had a little chit-chat with him.

So we ended up having the talk in his car. Wrong move by me, right?

The first thing he told me when we got settled was that he has a child, a girl, staying with his sister in Port Harcourt, but he is not married.

According to him, he was letting me know about this because he likes sincerity thereby urging me to be sincere with him; no lies.

His first and main concern was Ben. He demanded to know if I was in a relationship with him.

I told him that notion was generally agreed amongst our colleagues and the community at large, because we were always seen together and rented and lived in the same flat, different rooms. Just the two of us.

Nevertheless, I told him I had a boyfriend back home in Akwa Ibom and I truly love him.

He took the truthful information quite well. The stand he decided to take after the long discussion on various topics was that he would stay away from me in order not to hurt Ben (whatever he meant by that, I wasn’t in a relationship with Ben).

Before he took his stand, he told me he didn’t want me as his girlfriend or just a friend but he wanted me as a wife! (Just like that? Abasi mi!)

It was surprising to me, being that I had just known him a day and some hours.

Well, I played it cool and pleased.

Flowed with the flow to see where it will lead, though I figured it all out already but was not sure.