Hidden Beauty in Croatia

By | 2022-04-06

Blue Cave on Bisevo Island situated southwest of Split is one of those wonderful hidden places that make Split a tourist attraction.
There are several ways to reach Bisevo Island, but as for the nearest station, Split is the favorite place for departure on the blue cave trip.
Before proceeding on how to get to the blue cave, let’s have some overviews of the place.

The Adriatic Sea contains some overwhelmingly scenic sites, but the blue cave is counted as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in these waters.
Blue cave is located in the southeast part of Bisevo Island. It’s called a blue cave because of its internal appearance. As you enter the cave you will see there’s a hole on the top of the cave, the sunlight passes through that and reflects the limestones under the water, as a result, the water glows and produces blue lightening. Because of this rare presentation of natural illustration. The cave is usually crowded during the tourist season.

There’s a ticket for the entrance and you will have to enter by a small boat due to the narrow entrance of the cave. Usually, there are about 5 to 15 minutes of time for each group, perhaps you could get more in case you are lucky. The depth of the water within the cave is not so deep but still, it is forbidden to swim or dive into the water. Further, these restrictions and time limits are also for safety purposes.

How to get to Blue Cave from Split

Now you know what the blue cave is and how would it be looking like, it’s time to get to know how to reach there.
First of all, you need a boat to reach Bisevo Island, which is of course by all means is a basic part of the journey. Then there’s an entrance ticket, a small boat for the entrance, and most importantly a guide who shows you the exact way. You can make a solo trip if you think you have already covered up the recommendations. Yet, it is better if you join any group because it would be more fun in the group rather than alone.
For groups, there are plenty of services available in Split that will arrange for you a breathtaking blue cave tour from split. Moreover, these tour packages include multiple destinations.

As soon as you make a booking you will be boarded on the speedboat, that will take you to Bisevo Island. The distance from Split to Bisevo Island by speedboat is about 1:30 hours, so hold tight and observe the surrounding beauty of the Adriatic Sea. You will discover plenty of small islands on the route as you approach your destination. Once you reach there, you will have to wait a bit before you enter the cave. But it isn’t something like standing in the queue at a shopping mall, you will be notified by the guides when it’s your turn until then you will have plenty of time to walk around and observe the majestic and beautiful surroundings of Bisevo Island.

Once you enter the cave, you will witness a mysterious magical show of nature, the illustration that will mesmerize your mind and take you to another universe. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be too long, but you will have a wonderful memory of being here for your entire life. As you exit from the cave, now there will be a time for another scenic site to visit depending upon your tour package.

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