Best Places to Retire in Florida

By | 2020-07-23

Study findings from the Pew Center for Research report that there is 19.1 percent of people 65 or older living in Florida. The fact that this is the highest percentage in the United States isn’t surprising considering how famous Florida is among retirees and older adults.

Many retirees who desire relaxation, rest, sandy beaches, and sunshine decide to move to Florida, aptly nicknamed “Sunshine State.” Some retirees settle down from work in Florida for tax and economic reasons, as Florida has no state income tax, not a tax on Social Security benefits and retirement income. Other reasons to retire in Florida include the ability to have a social life and meet new people and maintain an active lifestyle.

Retiring in Florida gives people the chance to meet other retirees and join active adult communities, allowing them to bond over old and new life experiences in a new environment. Florida’s beaches and national parks, and other places that encourage outdoor activities, retirees can stay physically active by swimming, running, and more.

When planning and making a move to Florida, many people consider factors such as their financial status and costs related to food, healthcare, homeownership, house maintenance, and utilities. With a good understanding of the costs of living alone, retirees may explore other options, such as moving to a retirement community or living with roommates à la The Golden Girls.

It can be tough for some retirees to decide which of Florida’s various sunny cities they want to live in: Boynton Beach? Boca Raton?Orlando? Miami? Weston? Listed below are some great places in Florida to retire to make the decision easier.


Older adults comprise almost 50 percent of the Naples population, which adds to this city’s consistent ranking as a top retirement city. Retirees in Naples have access to excellent food, medical care, places to shop, and recreational activities like fishing or golfing. Whether it’s a visit to the Naples Zoo or The Everglades, or a day out shopping on Third Street South, there are many activities for retirees and their friends and visiting families.

Fort Lauderdale

A city on the southeast coast, set among canals and waterways, Fort Lauderdale has a lot of boating, golfing, beaches, resorts, and restaurants. Fort Lauderdale, filled with excellent hospitals and museums, theaters, and shops, has necessities and entertainment venues that allow people to enjoy the luxurious sides of retirement.

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Another popular South Florida city for retiring is Tampa. This major city, set on Tampa Bay, is an excellent choice for retirees who desire to be close to the beach. Activities for Tampa citizens include boating and water sports. Living here, retirees can catch theatre shows and concerts at The Straz Center for the Performing Arts, visit museums and history centers, and get involved with local sports teams—The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Tampa weather is warm throughout the year. Summers can be humid, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees. With this in mind, one of your first actions when getting settled in Tampa should be to have your air conditioning unit tuned-up and repaired. Air conditioners are easily one of the most vital features in an entire house and are of extra importance in the South.

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Due to Florida’s tropical, warm climate, any Floridian city would give retirees a sunny place to enjoy their golden years. People planning a move to Florida should begin finding pertinent information like what trusted company to consult for Weston AC repair services, where to get emergency services for medical issues in Sarasota, or what time the stores close in any city they make their new home. People transitioning into post-retirement life should ultimately remember that the best place to retire in Florida depends on their finances, personal tastes, and which city and beaches they find appealing.


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